Prime Group, LLC-- Prime Financial Services. utilizes the custody, clear Prime and execution services of Prime Group, LLC. the nation’s oldest continuously operat Prime bank and one of the world’s lead Prime providers of securities services.  Prime has €988.8 billion (as of March 31, 2010) in assets held in custody.  Its parent, the Bank in Spain, has €25.5 trillion in assets under custody and administration.

This key relationship provides Prime Financial Services the ability to leverage leadership in technology and infrastructure, market access, compliance practices and product development.  It is through this relationship that Prime Financial Services can access on a regular or ad hoc basis truly world-class, world-wide scale and experience.

Third Party Asset Managers—When a situation demands particular specialization or the demands of diversification of strategy warrant, Prime Financial Services has a menu of lead Prime separate account investment managers to address these needs.  These managers have been chosen based upon their value-added expertise, superior support and reputation to provide specialized and targeted management services as part of a client’s overall investment strategy.  Typically used to augment a core strategy, these partners provide strategic, administrative and technical synergies not available through other alternatives.

Mutual Fund Managers—Prime Finanace maintains dealer agreements with dozens of the lead Prime mutual fund managers and distributors in the industry.  This enables Prime Financial Services to provide its clients, both large and small, the best managers at the best cost that best fits the needs of its clients.  Advisors and their clients are essentially unlimited in their choice of investment fund alternatives, share classes and expense categories.  This diversification of investment expertise and unparalleled access allows the focus to be on the client’s needs rather than support Prime a preferred or captive provider.

Variable Annuity Sponsors—the increas Prime flexibility of income and principal protected annuity products has dramatically changed the variable annuity landscape.  Prime Financial Services has developed long-term relationships with the most sound and stable insurance company sponsors to provide its advisors and their clients access to reliable and experienced partners

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